Welcome to the Open Source Saxophone Project Index!  This is where all of the articles and videos from this site and elsewhere are put together in something approximating a searchable, organized index.  The layout of this page will be updated as new material is created and found.  Have a suggestion for an addition?  Contact me!

This is also probably going to be the place where people come first when linked to this site.  So if you haven’t already, maybe you’d like to learn about what this site is and what I hope it will become.  Ok, on to the good stuff:


Whether you are interested in learning how to be a wiser consumer, learn how to repair your own horn, or add to your skills as a full-time repairman, this document was created for you (and by some of you).

The sections are (currently) divided into levels, each with their own description, goal, tool set, and guides.  As content is added, the layout of this page may change.

Should you decide to use this document to learn how to repair saxophones, remember this: You are responsible for what you do.  In the case of a professional and/or vintage instrument, you are responsible to generations yet to come for how well- or poorly- you do the job.  When in doubt, slow down and consult an expert.

In that vein, you need to read THIS before continuing.


That said, a person with aptitude should be able to (eventually) use this Encyclopedia to go quite far in the craft of saxophone repair.  Of course, how good your horn works will depend on how good you get at doing the work, and unfortunately it is easier than it looks. Like learning to play the saxophone, it is very easy to do it badly, very difficult (or at least time-consuming with a prerequisite of passion) to do it well.


Level 1 – Maintain your own saxophone between professional servicings

Level 1 Tools (OSSP, Article)

Guides: General

Guides: Lubrication

Guides: Disassembly/Cleaning

Guides: Padwork

Guides: Adjustment Materials

Guides: Mechanisms

Guides: Misc.





Level 2 – Overhaul your own saxophone (minor mechanical work and dentwork)

Build a cleaning area (not done yet)

Level 2 Tools (OSSP, article)

Guides: Mechanical Work



Level 3 – Overhaul saxophones for paying customers

Professional workshop setups



Mechanical Work

Understanding Key Fitting: Hinge Tube and Post Facing (Stohrer Music, article)

Post Bushings (Stohrer Music, YouTube)

Pivot Receiver Bushing and Post Washer (Stohrer Music, YouTube)


Level 4- Master Craftsman.  Philosophy, Custom/Advanced Tooling, Etc.

The Unprofitable Valley or: Why So Much Stuff Is Mediocre (Stohrer Music, article)

Saxophone Engraving





Make/Model Specific Repair Advice and Information