Repair Guides: Level One

Welcome to the Level One Saxophone Repair Guides on the Open Source Saxophone Project.

The guides here represent some of the major points of the foundation of saxophone repair.   You can read these guides to better understand the work that is being done on your saxophone, or you may use the information presented here to begin learn the craft yourself.  With time and effort, if you become proficient in the procedures and skills represented here, you can expect to do maintenance work of reasonable quality on your own saxophone in between major overhauls by a skilled professional repairman.  The procedures done here may be done with the Level One Tools.

The guides here are from many different sources, and like saxophones, there is no such thing as “best”.  These are all good, worthwhile, and vetted.  What is best for you comes down to personal preference and what helps you do your best work.  Read everything, choose for yourself- or more likely, triangulate and create your own similar but unique way of doing things.

As always, remember that you are responsible for what you do.  In the case of a professional and/or vintage instrument, you are responsible to generations yet to come for how well- or poorly- you do the job.  When in doubt, slow down and consult an expert.



Changing the Oil (Stohrer Music, youtube video)

Oiling the Action (Stephen Howard Woodwinds, article)



How I Polish Silver Saxophones (Stohrer Music, article)



How To Install And Seat Saxophone Pads (OSSP, multimedia)

Pad & Cork Replacement – Paul Coats  (SaxGourmet, article)

Testing For Leaky Pads (Stephen Howard Woodwinds, article)

Making and Using a Leak Light (Stephen Howard Woodwinds, article)


Adjustment Materials

Saxophone Adjustment Materials: The Stohrer Method (Stohrer Music, article)

Saxophone Adjustment Materials (OSSP)



How To Check Octave Mechanism




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