The goal of the Open Source Saxophone Project is to spread knowledge and democratize the repair and eventually manufacture of saxophones.  This website will serve as a repository of the net result of a collaborative effort of saxophone experts from all around the world.   The Project will have wide scope, serving as a resource for saxophonists to become better consumers, a multimedia guide for repairers to improve their skills- all the way up to the eventual goal of having the tools, CAD files, tutorials and a list of suppliers to enable anyone with the courage to try it to build their own saxophone from scratch.

By making this knowledge freely available and open to collaboration, we can improve the state of the art, spread the passion for saxophone repair (and well-repaired saxophones), and create smarter consumers who will more highly value the work of a good professional repairperson.


Want To Collaborate?

Are you an expert in your field?  Would you like to collaborate?

If it can be applied to the saxophone, then I’d love to have your help.  What I’d ask of you would be… to give away your knowledge for free.  To share data, to make videos, photo essays, take measurements, 3D scan parts, make CAD files, write articles, anything and everything that can spread your wisdom to the next generation; to pull our craft out of the past and propel it into the future.  To spread the passion you have for what you do, and create the environment to save and grow the information that you have fought to attain- by giving it away to anyone to has the desire to learn it.

I’m open to suggestions!


The Open Source Saxophone Project was created and is moderated by Matt Stohrer, who repairs saxophones for a living.